About us

catchClip products and services are designed and developed by Mod2. We're an IT Engineering company based in Sydney, Australia.

Our focus is predominantly on security software and hardware systems and solutions. We pack over 50 years of experience in the Security industry, and have developed security solutions for major corporate firms and government bodies within Australia and around the world.

Why make catchClip?

We love technology, and as soon as we picked up some cameras to play with, we realised that the current video solutions on the market were a problem that needed to be solved. We saw major flaws in the current offerings with respect to your security and privacy. We also realised that the majority of products on the market were... cameras, not Security cameras, not Security solutions. We thought we'd fix that ;)

What's next for catchClip?

catchClip is quite new and there is still a lot we want to do. We've designed a solution that is not locked into a particular brand or any particular systems, so we're working on finding more compatible cameras to give you a greater selection to choose from.

We've also got quite a few more services we'd like to add to catchClip to make it even more irresistible.

We'll keep you updated!

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